As you can imagine, our normal funding streams have been disrupted during this unusual time. In an effort to stay connected, stay relevant and stay solvent, we are offering this very special REFOCUSED 2020 t-shirt to the public. Consider it a souvenir from your STAY-CA-TION! Everyone is going to want one. 

Every t-shirt that we sell pays for 1 month of our zoom account.

Every t-shirt beyond that will go toward the cost of REFOCUS programming: 

Zoom Support Sessions 

Zoom Book Studies

Financial coaching

Virtual family events


Home activities for children & 

Music development for teens

during this time and will ensure that there is programming to come back to when we can be together again.  


All t-shirts are $20 and can be purchased right from your home. $10 of that cost will go directly to programming and support for active and inactive military families of Charlottesville. 


The Living Free T-shirt fundraiser will be live until May 10th.  

This fundraiser was a success!

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