Living Free Together is committed to providing active, non-active & retired patriot families with the life skills and support necessary to face their next BIG adventure in life together.

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EMPOWERMENT. Providing the skills and experiences necessary for our brave military families to embark upon their future together. 

RECONNECTING. Offering the safe space and guidance for families to engage in intentional and fun ways after experiencing prolonged absences. 

BUILDING COMMUNITY. Sharing meals and making new memories with people who share a common bond.​

STRENGTHEN. Taking strong families with strong members and helping them to become even stronger through skill building and support.

ENRICHMENT. Helping families and individuals become the family and the individual they hope to be.​

EDUCATION. Offering insight about issues and conditions facing the military community so families can address and/or recognize the challenges before they are weakened by them.

PARTNERSHIP. Providing an opportunity for the greater Charlottesville area to partner with our local military families to show our gratitude for their sacrifices.​

LIVING FREE. The only way to be truly alive is to be present in the NOW of the moment.  


LIVING FREE TOGETHER. PTS, Moral Injury, Anxiety & Trauma are normal reactions to war and loss. The road to healing includes self-awareness, consistent positive behavioral practices and a strong support community. We believe this journey is most effective if done with those who have shared those experiences.